Our Story

Our Story

The Hope Home Foundation was founded in 2004 out of need.

We saw that our hardest working families were not offered the same opportunities as those families who are “better off”.

For these families, saving up for a down payment was next to impossible.  It felt like the dream of homeownership was simply out of reach.

The other inherent unfairness was in the way that most people go about purchasing a home. Even though it’s the largest financial investment they will ever make, they jumped into it with no education and trusted whoever showed up first to guide them through the process.

I decided to change all of this.

First, I sought advice and guidance from national leaders on home ownership education.

Next, I found sources of financial assistance in the form of down payment assistance grants at national, state and local levels to help people past the down payment barrier and into home ownership.

After that came education. I created a home buyer education program and I set out to educate workforce families on creating sustainable, safe, living conditions for their families.

In 2006, a very dark cloud was forming on the housing horizon.

Seemingly overnight, families everywhere couldn’t make their mortgage payments and were faced with losing their homes.

My clients were able to make informed decisions that helped them restructure their ownership to manage the collapse of the Las Vegas housing market.

In 2007 I was introduced to Employer Assisted Housing programs and began teaching about it nationwide. I formed the Under One Roof Program and set out to work with employers to provide housing benefits to their employees.

It took many years to perfect the process. Freddie Mac stepped in in 2012 to help write a Workforce Housing Initiative and helped fund our program.

Since the inception of the Workforce Housing Initiative we have helped hundreds of employees in  several different companies . We have dispersed hundreds of thousands of dollars in down payment assistance.

Dawn Dawn Lane is the Founder and Executive Director




Beverly Beverly Read is a Director




ConnieConnie Meyers is a Director

I have been involved with the HOPE Home Foundation for many years. I have seen Dawn Lane create a vision then a reality that has not just changed people’s lives but the life of whole communities.  Watching companies like Zappos and Goodwill, and cities like the City of Las Vegas provide the HOPE Home Foundation programs to their employees and seeing the difference in their personal lives as well as their careers is inspiring and fulfilling.  HOPE Home Foundation is giving them the opportunity of home ownership no matter what their circumstances may be. Dawn’s vision is why I love and participate in the HOPE Home Foundation.